Set up your website: Hosting, Domain, and a Website Building Platform‎

Set up your website: Hosting, Domain, and a Website Building Platform‎

Congratulations! You have decided to create your very first website or blog. Whenever you want to create a website for your business or establish a blog, it is essential to understand the options that you have.

First, let’s start with the very basics that every website needs: Hosting, a domain and a platform

I also have a short video you can watch. Click here if you prefer to watch the video

Hosting, Domain and a Platform

In order to set up a new website, you need three things: hosting, domain and a platform.

  1. Hosting is the server or space where your website is “living” online.
  2. Domain is the URL address. 
  3. Website Building Platform‎ is the method you would like to build your website with. 

An easy way to understand this is to compare your new website to a new house. 

  • Hosting is the property, the land that you purchase to build your house on. 
  • A domain is your address which people can use to find your house. 
  • The platform that you choose, like WordPress, is the method you will build your house with.

Set up your website: Hosting and Domains

The most popular hosting company is Go Daddy. They are very reliable and provide excellent customer support. If you don’t have lots of experience, they will make it easy for you. I host my websites with Go Daddy, but there are always other options. The important thing is to find what suits you best.

Do I have to purchase hosting and a domain? 

Not necessarily. Some platforms like Wix, Squarespace, or will provide you with the full package. 

However, you will need to purchase a domain and hosting if you are planning to set up your website by yourself.

Set up your website: Website Building Platforms

Up until a few years ago, only developers and experienced coders would able to create a new website. However, today, it is reasonably straightforward, thanks to many self-serve platforms.

Today, there is no need to know to code or to have any previous experience to set up a beautiful website or a stunning blog. Thanks to the multitude of free and paid Website Building Platforms, you can set up an excellent site for your business. 

In my next blog post, I will talk about the different platforms that you can use to set up your website and how to choose the right one for you. 

Why should you purchase a domain and hosting from a hosting company?

When you own your domain without any 3rd party platform, you own your property online.

You can add as many features as you want such as an online store, blog, mailing list, ads, and so much more. You can get help from a coder to set up a unique code, and you can host any website you would like on your domain in the future. 

In this video, I teach about Hosting, Domain and Website builder platform in 2 minutes watch.

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