What Should You Post On Your Facebook Business Page?

What Should You Post On Your Facebook business page

What should I post on my business Facebook page? Should I post every week or every day? 
These are very common questions for new business owners and professionals who have just created a social media account for their business.

Whether you are a real estate agent or a bar owner, it shouldn’t be complicated, and I’m here to help.

In this article, you will find tips to manage your content on your Facebook business page, ideas for content, and examples.   

First, a word about the Facebook algorithm and business pages 

Facebook these days prefers to show users posts from their friends and groups rather than posts from business pages. Therefore, You need to work hard and consistently in order to show more of your posts on your followers’ newsfeeds.

If I can give you only one tip to having a successful Facebook page, it would be: invest in engagement.

Facebook would like to see that users engage with your content. By engagement I mean: likes, comments, shares, views, clicks and any other type of interaction users can have with your content. 

5 best tips to manage your content on your Facebook business page

#1 Be consistent; Post at least three times a week

You do not need to invest time daily in order to do this. You can create a bank of posts in advance and schedule your posts for the upcoming week or month.

#2 It’s all about engagement

Post content that will entice people to comment. Instead of writing a sentence, ask a question or ask for your followers’ opinions.

#3 Share links from different sources

You can share links to any website on your Facebook page. The most straightforward approach here is to share links to news regarding your field and profession. 

A Digital marketer can share links to Google ads updates. A daycare business can share links to articles regarding baby safety. A real estate agent can share links to articles regarding the housing market. 

#4 Start your own traditions 

Don’t limit yourself! Create Fri-yay funny posts, Monday vibes, Wednesday inspiration posts and more.
Create traditions that will be easy for you to follow and are engaging for your audience.

On my Facebook business page, I post a Fri-Yay post every Friday morning to sum up the week with a funny meme. 

#5 Engage with your audience

This is an essential tip and will help you beat the algorithm and bring your content to more people. 

  • If someone commented on one of your posts, reply as soon as possible.  
  • When a Facebook fan leaves a review then comment and thank them for leaving a review. 
  • If someone shares your post, go to the post and comment: “Thank you for sharing my post.”

When you engage with your audience, your audience will engage with you back. It will also send a clear message to your potential clients that you care and appreciate their opinion. 

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