The Marketing Funnel And Your Ad Campaign

The Marketing Funnel And Your Ad Campaign

Understanding the marketing funnel or the sales funnel as it is called sometimes will help you improve your digital marketing plan significantly. It’s crucial to understand the funnel as it will help you better understand and optimize your ad campaign.   

You might have seen this cone shape marketing funnel before. If not, here it is with a few tweaks for your Media Plan

The marketing funnel describes the process a person will go through before they purchase something. This process has been taught over the years in every marketing course and advertising workshop. 

In other words: before someone will buy your goods or pay you for your services, he or she will have to pass a few steps on the way. 

The reason you should invest in all stages of the Marketing Funnel with your Ad Campaign

Would you purchase an expensive item from a company you have never heard of before? 
I’m assuming the answer is no. What if I told you this company’s name is Dyson, Nike or Apple? You will probably feel much better about your purchase now. 

Those mega-companies worked hard for you to consider their products and goods. However, many new businesses will try to promote their items or offer services by only investing money in the last stage of the funnel. 

This tactic will often be more costly. Although, investing money only on ads to promote items and optimize your conversions sounds like a great deal, but the fact is that it isn’t!

When you market your items or services to people who have never heard about your brand before, CPA will be much higher, and to be frank, you might not even sell anything. 

When you invest in the awareness stage, it will be easier and less expensive to complete a conversation at the purchase stage.  

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The Marketing Funnel And Your Ad Campaign

My list below should help you invest your media spend and marketing efforts more wisely over the main stages of the marketing funnel. 

The Marketing Funnel, your ads and targeting

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The Marketing Funnel And Your Ad Campaign


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