Can I Use My Personal Facebook Profile To Promote My Business?

Can I Use My Personal Facebook Profile To Promote My Business_

Do I have to create a Facebook business page for my business, or can I use my Facebook profile to promote my business?
This question is an interesting one. If you asked me the same question 5 years ago, my answer would be very straightforward. I would have suggested that you create a Facebook business page for your business.

Today, after all the algorithm changes Facebook has presented to us, I have no simple answer for you and this is why:
These days, Facebook prefers user content and group content over any brand or business page. 

There are two reasons for that: 

  1. Content from friends and groups is more engaging over content from Pages. People will spend more time on Facebook if they have more engaging content within their newsfeed rather than just content from pages. 
  2. Facebook would like business owners to pay to display their content. 

Bottom line: Facebook makes more money with this change -no big surprise here.

Having a Facebook business page has lots of benefits, you can display valuable information, reach new customers who use Facebook’s search feature and engage with your fans.    

However, in some cases, when you use your personal Facebook user profile to connect with potential clients, you might be more successful over using a Facebook business page.

I advise you to follow my guidance below.

Who should definitely use a Facebook business page? 

  • If your business has a physical location like a store, restaurant or an office. People will need to navigate to your address and get information about the hours of operation.
  • If your business is operated by two or more people. 
  • When you would like to build a brand.
  • If your business can run without you.

Examples: Any online/offline stores, restaurants, agencies, daycares.

Who can use their Personal Facebook profile for their business? 

  • If your business is a one-person show, it is based on your talent, and you charge for services rendered on your own. 
  • When you are the face of the business and the main person to contact.
  • If your clients can be your Facebook friends or people you interact with on Facebook groups. 

Examples: Personal trainer, Agent, Life Coach, Realtor, Designer and more

Click here to learn what you should post on your Facebook Business Page

How to promote my business from my Facebook profile

  • Use a professional profile photo. Your photo should display your profession. 
  • Add a description to your name. For example David M – Personal trainer.
  • Post content and images that are aligned with your business: If you are a fitness trainer, you can’t post about your visit to Mcdonalds.   
  • Avoid posting information and photos that are too private. 

One interesting Facebook strategy for promoting your business from your private Facebook profile is creating a Facebook group with your potential customers and engage in your group from your profile. You can read more about that in my next blog post. 

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