How To Use Facebook Group to Market Your Business

How To Use Facebook Group to Market Your Business

Using Facebook groups to promote a business is the newest Facebook tactics of the last year or so. Business owners now use Facebook groups as part of their online marketing plan.

To reach as many new customers as possible, you can create your own Facebook group around your subject of expertise. 
In your Facebook Group, you can provide tips about your experience, share valuable information, and build your reputation as an expert. The goal should be building trust as a service provider. 
Your Facebook group should include your potential customers – people who are most likely to purchase your product or services.   

Here are some examples:

  • An essential oils agent can create a group for “essential oils lovers” and invite all of your clients as well as potential customers. 
  • A fitness trainer can create a group for people who are trying to lose weight. In this group, the trainer will provide tips, meals plan and free short workouts. 
  • A baby sleep consultant can create a group for tired parents and provide valuable information about sleep habits, tips for new parents and routines. 

How can you use your Facebook Group to market your business? 

Here are some tips on how to set up and manage your Facebook group to help you market your business on Facebook. 

#1 Quality over quantity

To work well, your group should be up to 1,000 members. Approve only legitimate profiles after reviewing each profile. Invite people who share common interests. 

#2 Encourage members to engage

Ask questions, start conversations, create polls, and make sure people engage with each other.
Set a schedule of posts and topics of discussion. 

#3 Engage with everyone

Make sure you answer all questions and comment on every post. Let people know that you are here for them.

How can you use your Facebook Group to market your business

#4 Set rules

Write the group rules and pin it as the first post. Rules such as no spam, no advertising, and urging members to keep their language clean are really common. It will help you keep the conversation on topic and remove users who are not welcome. 

#5 Provide valuable information

Provide helpful and relevant information to your group members that they can’t find anywhere else. Give them a reason to follow your content and participate. 

#6 Build a community

Let your members feel welcome by introducing them to the group or providing an opportunity for them to introduce themselves. Mention birthday and member-focused special events regularly. Build a community that people would like to stay in. 

#7 Sell yourself, but not too much.

Don’t over push your services and products. You can mention them once in a while, post offers, and give exclusive discounts to your group members. Keep the content valuable and exciting. 

#8 Go live and use video!

Videos will help the group members know you better. It is especially recommended if you are a service provider. Your members will have the opportunity to get to know you better and engage with each other during a live video session. You can also record a video and post it in the group.

#9 Stay on topic

Facebook groups often get off topic. Keeping the conversation on the subject will help you with your business. It is okay for members to engage with each other on other issues, but just keep an eye that it stays on track.

#10 Be social

Start by inviting friends and family members to join your group. Ask your friends to invite their friends and slowly you will grow and build a community. Invite new people to be your Facebook friends and invite them to your group. Remember that Facebook is all about being social with other profiles. 

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