The Benefits Of Building WordPress Blog By Yourself

The Benefits Of Building WordPress Blog By Yourself

Congratulations! You have decided that you would like to create a blog. Whether this is the first step for your future online business or space for you to create and share your ideas – a website makes it real!

In this blog post, I will outline all the reasons why you should build your WordPress blog by yourself and provide you with a checklist so you can create your own blog without missing anything important.

In my blog post and checklist, I am referring to and NOT which is a different solution. If you would like to read more about the differences between and, you can check out my previous blog post here.

The Benefits Of Building WordPress Blog By Yourself

There are many good reasons for you to build your first WordPress Blog by yourself:


You will save money – lots of money. There are many services and agencies that can help you build a website, but it comes at a high price. Not only will it cost you a few thousand dollars to build a website, but any required changes will also be at an additional cost to you.


When you build your own blog and you know how to control everything, you will be able to change, update, and keep your website up to date. Add new pages, new forms, giveaways – the sky’s the limit! Your website can start as a blog and can develop into an online business, store, or any other direction you decide to take.


When you build your own WordPress Blog you can make any updates by yourself without needing help from any service providers. These days your website should be updated consistently in order to keep up with all the changes and it just makes sense to have full control.


By creating your own WordPress site you will be able to adjust your website to your future business needs. You are a blogger now, but tomorrow you might decide to grow your business, add features, or sell products. When you build your own WordPress blog, you can easily update and change it to fit any future need quickly.

Can I Build My WordPress Blog without previous experience?

The answer is simple: YES
You can build your website with WordPress without any previous experience. However, it will take a little time to learn the platform.

No coding experience required to set up a WordPress Blog.

The best way I can describe it to you is that WordPress is like any program or app. It will take you time to learn it the first time you use it. But once you know where everything is set and where all the buttons are, you can manage it easily.

Remember the first time that you opened PowerPoint and tried to create a presentation? It probably took you some time to find all the right functions at first, right?
WordPress will be the same, it can seem overwhelming at first, but once you understand all the functions, you’ll be doing just great!

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If you would like to start building your own WordPress Blog by yourself, I invite you to check out My WordPress checklist.

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